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Welcome to ESP, NA

There are only two legitimate references in audio:  live music and well-recorded master tapes.

What live music AND good master tapes have in common is very different from most “hi-fi” systems:  excellent resolution without tipped-up highs; tight and deep low frequencies without artificial slam or boom; transparency without thinness; rhythm and pace without artificial crispness; and most importantly, emotional involvement without an urge to analyze the sound.

These things—the attributes of musicality—are exceedingly difficult to achieve, which is why truly great loudspeakers are so rare, and also why knowledgeable music lovers are so often looking for ways to “upgrade” their systems.

Technology should serve the music, rather than being and end in itself or a means to generate marketing hype.  Yet despite today’s incessant parade of technological “advances,” how many systems do not sound somehow artificial—electronic, timbrally unnatural, mechanical, tonally disjointed, thin, tipped-up, overly crisp, boomy, etc.?

The next time you hear an audio system or component, ask yourself:  Does it sound like music or like “hi-fi”?



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The ESP Concert Grand SI
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Matrx Systems showed the ESP Bodhran SE at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2007 in Denver, CO. They were proud winners of the PFO Audio Oasis Award

See John Marks's review of the Concert Grand SI's in the April 2006 edition of Stereophile

ESP Concert Grand Si runner-up for Loudspeaker of the Year in Stereophile, 2006





ESP loudspeakers have long been recognized by industry insiders as among the most natural-sounding and emotionally involving—in a word, musical—loudspeakers ever developed, famous for their timbral and tonal naturalness, electrostatic-like seamlessness, and image and soundstage dimensionality.  Even in their old iteration over 10 years ago, ESP loudspeakers were described by a well-known classical music and audio reviewer as “one of the few high-end products touched by greatness.”  In their newest iteration, incorporating uncommon artistic inspiration, proprietary technology borne of decades of experience by a master speaker designer, and absolutely uncompromising build quality, ESP loudspeakers represent nothing less than the pinnacle of music reproduction for the home.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are people who regard serious music listening as one of life's great pleasures and who are unafraid of being riveted to their chairs for hours on end by systems which invoke intense emotional involvement; who attend enough live acoustic concerts to know the difference between real-sounding music reproduction and "hi-fi"; who place the spiritual enrichment made possible by a world-class music reproduction system higher in their priorities than an additional car; and who, despite having a high disposable income, want to pay for content rather than for the biggest brand image.

How much can audio components be worth?

Imagine being able to purchase the audio equivalent of a Bentley (or Ferrari or Lotus or whatever your preference) for the price of a Lexus. Imagine having at your disposal, for the price of an additional automobile, decades of involving and uplifting music listening whenever you desire, without significant depreciation and without traffic jams, fuel costs, insurance, or many of the other issues associated with car ownership. To true music lovers, a world-class music system’s ability to transport them to higher spiritual planes is an essential element of life in the same way that luxurious physical transportation is important to connoisseurs of the world’s finest automobiles.




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